• Nip ipression paper
    Our international customers value our press testing strips as an aid, both in the paper industry and in other branches of industry in which press rollers are used.

    They give an exact picture of the condition of your press rollers, and indicate faults in the rollers and in the whole press system. Nip Impression Paper – a big benefit to you too!


  • The advantages
    1. Dispensing with perforations and leporello folding almost completely removes the danger of undesired tearing of the testing strips.

    2. The press testing strips are rolled to a length of 50 m, so that measuring of different roller lengths is possible.

    3. Length markings at 50 cm intervals guarantee easy handling.

    4. The temperature-resistant coating also makes it possible to test both hot and cold rollers.

    5. The Nip Impression Paper have proved themselves in use for over 25 years. It goes without saying that development continues.

    6. The press rolling strips can also be used in damp areas.

    7. Technical optimisation makes the Nip Imression Paper suitable for use with almost all roller types.


  • The application

    Two layers of paper webs, which under pressure trigger an optically visible chemical reaction, give you optimal diagnosis of the condition of the rollers

    Here are a few examples of roller signatures:
  • Situation:
    Impression is stronger at the ends of the rolls than in the middle.

    Inadequate crowning or too high applied pressure.

    The sheet is dryer at the edges than in the middle. The edges of the felt run ahead of the middle. Felt wear is substantially greater at the edges than in the middle.

  • Situation:
    Pressure is greater at the centre of the roll than at the edges.

    Excessive crowning or insufficent applied pressure.

    The edges of the sheet contain more moisture than the centre. The middle of the felt runs ahead of the edges, and the density of the felt varies across the width.

  • Situation:
    Press loading achieved regularly over the whole width.

    Regular water removal from the sheet and regular moisture profile. Felt runs straight and true.